View from the Bandwagon

Took me a while, but I finally joined <a href="">Friendster</a>. I was hesitant after reading so many people's apprehension: The unearthing of closet skeletons, the harsh criticisms via the testimony function built into the system. Or meeting your mother. Now that's a thought that'll put pause in your mouse buttons anyday.
Sifting through the infinite number of people at Friendster I am surprised to receive a message from Pauline.
I first met her in Tucson at an Asian Bible Fellowship meeting. She had one of those personalities that just cheered up even the dreariest of days. So I sat there, looking at her profile and remembering times past.
Studying overseas is depressing. You meet so many wonderful people who affect your life in the most personal ways, and yet you're forced to leave them all. It wasn't as if staying in Tucson would have made a difference. Pauline went to Oregon for Pharmacy school and that was the last I saw of her. Many others went to many other places.
They become names on a page, memories locked away in time never to be changed. Yet in reality they have changed and moved on, made new friends, gotten a job, married, children, houses. The divide that time wedged between us pries us all apart.
We sit at our screens, looking at images of times gone by. We fire up our online messangers to say hi, but words scarcely carry the immensity of our emotion and our life.
Broadband never is broad enough. I miss you all. I wish our paths never did have to diverge.

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