Being the Best

I'm not one who really likes weblog popularity contests, but I had to intervene. I voted for <a href="">Krisalis</a> as <a href="">Singapore's Best Weblog</a>. She's plenty funny, crafty (in the art-and-craft sense of the word) and is very much as interesting in real life as she is on her blog.
There are many good Singaporean blogs <strong>not</strong> voted for yet. The <a href="">technologically zelded</a> <a href="">Vantan</a>, the <a href="">instapunded political</a> <a href="">Andrea</a>, the <a href="">Zired-out</a> <a href="">A L</a>, the extremely travelled <a href="">Faith</a> or the succinct <a href="">Vaya</a>.
I voted for Kris because it was easier to vote from a pull-down menu than to type out a URI for a new nomination. I would've voted for any of the above. They're all great.
The best part is that none of them have "Vote for Me!" or any variation of the desperate plea in any of <a href="">their</a> <a href="">posts</a>.

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