Love Never Fails

It's such a controversial statement isn't it? It seems almost ironic that it is one of the most used Bible verses in marriages, and probably in a large number of marriages that actually go on to fail. It is easy to sink in the mire of despair and dismiss the whole "love crap" along with childhood tales of Santa and the Easter Bunny.
After watching the movie <a href="">Love Actually</a>, its prologue points us very poignantly to the fact that love actually is all around us in a myriad of forms. It just need not take on the form that <strong>you</strong> desire.
It is our job then, to hold on to what we have whilst continuing to seek that which may yet be. It is an enlightening thought – that none of the messages sent by the passengers on the ill-fated 9-11 flights were ones of hate or revenge, but ones of love. If you wait till then, you'd have missed out on life.
Like most movies, Love Actually takes you through the dumps and ends in a triumph, complete with happy music. The lovers unite – well some of them anyway. The others find love that had always been there, however agonisingly unorthodox an end to their fairy tale.
Truth is, love never fails. The end of the world is marked by the Bridegroom coming for His bride. We all have that to look forward to.

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