Waiting On You

The road seems so very long. I've sent out job application after application and littered cyberspace with email attachments of my résumé but nothing seems to come through. Where once I thought I had quite the spiffy résumé, my sense of self-worth has taken a beating.
Depression looms on the corner as I spend day after day with <a href="">Holden Caufield</a>. The negative things become more apparent to me: a hairline the recedes faster than Californian flora in a forest fire. Basketball is the one place I escape to on an almost daily basis, but the monsoon season has meant fewer outdoorsy days, effectively closing the door to my parallel universe.
But I know in my heart that these times come for a reason. Like numerous times before I know that it is in these times I need to yearn for God's presence in my life; in my waiting. My trust in the strength of my own arm fails, and I know that my hopes lies only in Him.
"I lift my eyes up unto the hills; from whence shall come my help? My help is from the Lord God, Maker of heaven and earth." (<a href="">Psalm 121:1,2</a>)
My Lord, I wait. Show me Your way.
In Your time.

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