White Christmas

Being a newly married couple, we didn't have plans for Christmas. We didn't know what to do or whose family's to be at. Good thing we had Ralph and Ai who were newly weds too. They came over and we watched the extended version of <a href="">The Fellowship of the Ring</a>. Mason joined it too. It felt good to have some semblance of a family affair.
It occurred to me that it has been four years since I spent Christmas in Singapore. I had the fortune of experiencing Orchard Road on Christmas Eve. I nearly suffocated in the pushing, shoving and elbowing of a million last-minute shoppers.
Come to think of it, it was not much different from Thanksgiving Day shopping back in Arizona. We'd queue up at five in the morning waiting for Best Buy to open. There'd already be a line led by some sale fanatic who had been there since Valentine's. Everyone would have their product catalogue in hand; five hundred people eyeing twenty DVD-players going for a song. Hell – literally – would break loose when the doors were opened. There would be people tramping on other people, colliding trolleys and babies crying. Oh wait, that's the sound of a college student who only managed to get his hands on 19 compact-flash cards.
Why am I reminiscing? Min called. In the short time we talked and wished each other Merry Christmas, I relived my time there. It was odd being on the other side of the telephone conversation.

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