Bloggies 2004

<p><a href="">The 2004 Bloggie nominations are out</a>. Tragically, <a href="">Xiaxue</a> didn&#8217;t make the cut. To be honest, I was half-afraid of posting about the Bloggies in case Xiaxue sent her commando-trained reader(s) to do a Ferdinand Marcos.</p>
<p>I find it disturbing that three out of five nominations for &quot;Best Asian Weblog&quot; belong to white men physically located in Asia. I&#8217;m not ragging on their blogs – <a href="">Antipixel</a> and <a href="">Big White Guy</a> are great reads, but there are plenty of great Asian &quot;Asian&quot; blogs out there. It&#8217;s probably the "white man lost in chink-land adventure" scenarios that appeal to the judges, who&#8217;d probably be Americanised / Westernised.</p>
<p>My predictions:</p>
<ol><li><a href="">Loobylu</a>&#8217;s going to win best Australian / NZ weblog again.</li><li><a href="">MT</a> for best Web application for Weblogs.</li><li><a href="">Blogdex</a> for best weblog directory or update monitor.</li><li><a href="">Textism</a> for best European weblog.</li><li><a href="">Mezzoblue</a> for best Canadian weblog.</li><li><a href="">Boing Boing</a> for best American weblog.</li><li><a href="">Heather Champ</a> for best Photography of a weblog.</li><li><a href="">Davezilla</a> for most Humourous weblog.</li></ol>
<p>Place your bets people.</p>

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