Broken Glasses

It takes two to perceive. Like I <a href="">said on Dave Shea's post on browsers and font-sizes</a>, good eyesight is every bit as important to enjoying a good sunset as a good sunset.
I fired up <a href="">Opera</a> on my Mac to do a slightly more intensive cross-browser testing and found that Tribolum's navigation bar didn't look as well laid out and styleswitcher didn't work. Puzzled I went to <a href="">Eric Meyer's site</a>. The sidebar there didn't line up. Half of <a href="">Mezzoblue</a>'s header was missing and his daily links had a line height of 0.5. <a href="">StopDesign</a> takes just about forever (Safari loaded it just fine). Even <a href="">Zeldman</a>'s site got messed up.
<img alt="zeldman2.jpg" src="" width="400" height="134" border="0" />

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