In my last redesign of Tribolum, I noted that while content could be separated from presentation, the <a href="">order of content affected the presentation</a>. I had wanted to be able to float Tribolum's sidebar left or right regardless (note to self: no such word as irregardless) of whether it appeared before or after the main blog content in the markup.
It is comforting to know that even Zen Gardener <a href="">Dave Shea</a> struggled with the <a href="">same problem</a>. The difference is that when Dave hollers, people answer. When I rant about web design, Faith (and most of the rest of you) run away screaming as if blood were about to ooze from your eyeballs.
<a href="">Ryan Brill</a> managed to turn <a href="">this</a> into <a href="">this</a> using a negative margin solution which I won't even pretend to understand. It works.
Don't know if I'll ever use it, though. Much as I love hacks and workarounds, I'm cutting back and waiting for the browers to get their act together.

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