Frodo Nightingale

Faith's been having a really bad cough and a slight fever. Add to that a busted big toe after a colleague swung open a door on it. I've been making honey-lemon-ginger tea at odd hours in the middle of the night and fetching her glasses of warm water when her coughing wakes her up. On top of that she has to sing as she's the teacher-in-charge of the school choir who's gearing up for a televised fundraiser. Despite all this, she still musters up a goofy smile that fills me better than any Elvish Lembas bread.
To the many of you who have been kind enough to <a href="">defend me</a>, thank you. I find it weird that I get more flak from folding clothes wrongly than I do from losing my wedding ring.
I'm not even close to perfect, and I share my weaknesses so that all of us (at least us imperfect ones) may learn from them. I see no point in repeating mistakes; there are enough broken relationships in the world.

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