In Sickness and in Health

Faith is still suffering from a persistent dry cough. It has been more than a week already, and my heart aches to see her like this. She has literally coughed till she can cough no more; her abdominal muscles sore from the effort and her voice reduced to a whisper. On the ground by her side of the bed lies many mugs and glasses of lukewarm water, remnants of warm-water efforts to suppress her cough in the dead of night. It is needless to say that she isn't resting as much as she should and it doesn't help that the her job as a teacher is comprised of a lot of shouting.
She left for work at 6:20 in the morning yesterday and came home only past midnight, thanks to some charity show that required the services of her school choir. At this point I'm miffed by anyone and anything that overly exerts her. It's been some time since I've heard her laugh. These few days she just smiles at my jokes because laughter would bring about bouts of coughing.
So pray for her cough and my heart; that we might come to know that all things – good or bad – are meant to drive us closer to God.

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