Kill Bill, Bob, Bernice…

Singapore <a href="">tops Amnesty International's execution league</a>. According to the article, we have the world's highest per capita execution rate, three times higher than that of hand-cutting Saudi Arabia. I feel all bad-assish after reading the article.
Heck, we'd have killed <a href="">Michael Fay</a> if he placed his pinky on his can of spray paint just one more time. We might have even tried to execute Clinton for opposing the caning sentence. We're like that – natural born killers.
We <a href="">arrest people for changing their addresses</a> and charge them with $4000 fines for looking the magistrate the wrong way.
There are many things I might not agree with, but if I had to choose between Singapore's and America's handling of crime, I'd pick the former. It's only because we all need to satisfy our thirst for blood.

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