Starting Small

I'm telling you: it starts with the small things.
I was folding clothes that had just been washed when I realised that all of Faith's clothes were turned inside out. She does this to prevent unnecessary wear and tear. Being the lazy bugger I am, I just folded them that way. She'd just have to turn them over when she wants to wear them, right? That shouldn't be too much of a problem, considering she only wears one at a time, whereas I had a whole bunch on my hands.
Funny thing is, I came to one of my T-shirts which was inside-out and instinctively turned it right-way-out before folding it. I stood there rather stunned for a moment, and the words came to me. "I have to love her as much as I love myself. I have to love her like Christ loves His church."
I folded them properly. It's the tiniest of details, but it reveals so much of our own selfishness.

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