Distance is always a hard thing to deal with in relationships. I'm not just talking about geographical distances, even though it poses a very real problem for those of us who've studied abroad and left our beloveds behind. There's emotional distance, physical distance (due to physical attractiveness) and even spiritual distances we have to be aware of in a relationship.
I've seen many struggle with relationship distance in its many forms. "We're not what we used to be" or "things have changed" are often signs that we've allowed distance to get too far.
We need to come to grips with the fact that people change and circumstances change.
The sooner we realise that we cannot stop the clock on change, the better. I used to be like that – highly resistant to change. In my point of view a person who changed little was a person who had a sense of security in who he was.But as I grew older I realised that all things, myself included, would waver. It was no longer about keeping things the way they were anymore. There are times I still wonder if I should have held on and fought harder for things that were.
How then, does one manage distance? How do we endure the flow and ebb of a long-term relationship? How do we stop from growing apart?
We make a decision. It is an active decision to let change affect you. Just because you're a thousand miles away from your significant other doesn't mean your love is automatically going to wane. It is the result of your choosing.
Choose to grow together. Accept the differences that happen in each other. If it affects you adversely, talk calmly to your significant other about it. Distances can be overcome. After all, the greatest gulf created by man's sin was overcome by a God who was willing to pay the ultimate price. It was God's choice to continue loving us against all odds.

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