It is Finished

It is done. After living on two hours of sleep for the last three days, the site is finished. Rather than port the existing design from Flash to XHTML, I redesigned, handcoded and validated. I'm probably getting paid peanuts for the job, but I did it mainly to help a friend out.
It was about three years ago I first designed the very same site that has been keeping me up the last three days. I used image maps and Microsoft Frontpage (you can all ostracise me now). Now smarter and wiser (somewhat), I stand on the shoulders of giants. <a href="">Tabbed navigation</a> by <a href="">Douglas Bowman</a> and <a href="">Faux columns</a> by <a href="">Dan Cederholm</a>. Combined by me.
Check out the new <a href="">Allegro-ems</a>. I bet your life you'll find bugs. Just be sure to tell them to me.

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