MoveableType Moveable?

We've all been waiting for <a href="">MoveableType Pro</a> (sorry, the British education in me insists there is an e in there). <a href="">Alpha testing</a> will begin soon. I've signed up, but I'm not a big time blogger like <a href="">Kottke</a> or <a href="">Michelle</a> though I've been around longer than most.
I'm hoping that MoveableType 3 is as good (or better) than <a href="">Pmachine</a>'s very intriguing <a href="">Expression Engine</a> and carries a smaller pricetag than EE's $199 USD.
Update: Here's sending some love to <a href="">Matt</a>'s <a href="">Wordpress</a>. I've been keeping an eye on it.

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