Occasion for Celebration

Yeah yeah I know it's Valentine's. Buses coming back from town were crowded with after-date faces: some happy, some not so happy. I can only imagine the thick putrid smell of cologne and perfume mixed with the sweat of taking public transportation. I can only imagine it because I avoid downtown at all costs on Valentine's. I do not try to catch a movie; I do not eat posh.
Fact is, the taxi-driver we had today even asked us if we were headed to the nearby seafood restaurant before we got on. He just came out of an hour long jam and had no intention of heading that direction again.
Today marks a number of things. It's the third anniversary of my "<a href="">Which Marvel Lover Are You?</a>" quiz. It is also the first day of Tribolum's fifth year.
<strong>Four</strong> full years. It's been a time of transition. I used to apologise to my readers if I didn't post an entry every 24 hours. After five years I know that no one in their right minds come here everyday. Do they? Do you? Doubt it.
Truth be told, I doubt anyone has been around all these five years. The one true fan I had I married. She still checks my blog every now and then, but with me hogging the computer and all (I <strong>have</strong> to blog every 24 hours) she doesn't get as much a chance as when I was in Arizona.
Thanks for listening folks. For the good times and the rough ones. Like I used to say, talk to me. I'm listening.

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