Throwing the Candle into the Fireplace

The Web Standards mailing list recently discussed how some web designers worked solely on Macromedia Flash, and how the web was so much more than that.
Working on Flash alone is a tempting proposition. There is no need to study browser quirks or utilise hacks and workarounds. But there's always the inherent danger of putting the world into the hands of a single corporation, not to mention the accessibility issues of a totally Flash site. It is the pointing of the middle finger to the visually handicapped, to bookmarking, to <a href="">Google</a>.
Having received a call from a friend to assess a prototype of a site she received, I laid out the disadvantages of having an all Flash site. Not to mention the initial .swf file on the homepage is more than 2 megabytes in size. That's pretty much inaccessible to anyone with something better to do.
Flash is a wonderful tool. It is great for use on CD-Roms or even booths and possibly automated teller machines of the future. WHen used on the web it has to be tempered with a lot of care.
So after a frantic redesign on compliant XHTML and CSS, I submit a cleaner, less cluttered design. It just got rejected. They preferred the Flash. So now, after having only a few hours sleep the last few days, I've to do a port from Flash to XHTML.
Sleep is a much sought-after luxury at this point.

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