As Fair as the Dawn

We watched Ryan and Trista's wedding tonight. It was like roadkill: we never meant to watch it, but were glued to the screen, endlessly repeating our amazement at how so low a show made it to primetime television.
As I watched Ryan standing there waiting for Trista, I was reminded of our wedding day. How I stood there for you. I didn't feel lonely, even though I stood there alone. I was captivated by the moment, like everyone else in the hall.
It was like watching a sunrise. I knew you would eventually appear, but what I had no clue about was how wondrously radiant you would be. And then you came, lighting up the hallway and warming up my heart. I would have run to you but I stood there paralysed. Maybe it was the clapping or the squeals of your school-children, or the music that drifted in and out of my consciousness. I was utterly spellbound.
It wasn't until you held my hand and stood beside me that I realised where I was. I awoke to a reality that mirrored the wonder and beauty of the fairytale I had witnessed when you walked down that aisle.

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