Day Two

Day one went very well, thank you to those who asked. It feels odd to actually work regular hours after having done the freelance gig for a while. I've always wondered how people were able to sustain 8 or 9 hours of work at a stretch. While I was freelancing, I worked at most 5 hours at a stretch before needing a break.
I discovered that the normal working day consists of meetings, lunch, curry puffs and toilet breaks at regular intervals – things I didn't have. My five hour stretches consisted of saturated coding. For those five hours nothing else exists. It also explains why I only do it in the middle of the night after Faith has gone to sleep.
I enjoy the change. Helping out with tricksy (ala Gollum) English words from across cubicles and bouncing ideas of people. That being said, the creation of synergy is of utmost importance when working in a group. If there is no synergy, one would be much better working alone.

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