Looking Young

I met <a href="">Raynor</a> today at church, a classmate of <a href="">Casandra</a>.
We don't have too many tech-loving people in church (different from people <em>studying</em> tech-related courses in school), so it was refreshing to talk to someone who didn't wince when I mentioned PHP.
Raynor seemed so focused and clear on what he wanted to do. Work on system backends with the tools he picked up outside normal classwork. Talking to him I was made to remember those days.
I wanted to be a writer, and in many ways, it is still something I want to do. Somewhere along the way, as God would have it, I lost my way and found myself standing on a path I never thought I'd tread. Here I was, so similar to Raynor's dream of his future. And yet his dream – my reality – wasn't what I dreamt I'd do.
I'm thankful to be here. It's just that Raynor's youthful confidence scared me that I had lost my own.

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