New Age Marketing

I'm sure if you've been on any kind of instant messaging for some time you've received messages from Irina or Helen telling you to go to their adult websites. Having been "spammed" the last two days I received a message from an unknown person.
<blockquote>221777822: hi there!<br />
Me: vewve<br />
221777822: ��??<br />
Me: just testing. <br />
Me: who's this?<br />
221777822: my name is JC, and I'm contacting you from CB Systems, a company that is dedicated to providing Internet services. Do you, or your company, have a web site?<br />
Me: why are you asking?<br />
221777822: because our company offers them…<br />
Me: amazing…icq telemarketing.<br />
221777822: new age stuff…<br />
Me: sure is.<br />
Me: would suck if i told you that you're talking to a web designer huh.<br />
Me: so does your company need a website done?<br />
221777822: actually, that's good to know. so i'm guessing that if i offer you a high impact website for a really cheap price, you won't say yes…<br />
Me: well…i'm free…so unless you're going to pay me to have you make a website for me…<br />
221777822: hehehe… anyway, thanks for your time, always good to chat with a fellow worker…<br />
Me: have a good one J.</blockquote>
I typed nonsense to see if the automated bot (I assumed) would give the standard introduction. But wow, this is a real living breathing person on the other side trying all possible ICQ numbers in hopes of landing a job. Since the insurance agents haven't done this, I'm assuming (again) that the web design market is more saturated than insurance. They call it "financial advising" these days.
It was good to talk to J. Somehow I knew that I provided him that little bit of real (friendly) human contact in what has to be a really long tedious task.

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