Not in the Rotation

It's probably common knowledge that I'm an an Apple advocate. Despite the fact that my programs on my Powerbook quits unexpectedly (programs don't crash like in the PC world) and that text sometimes run on top of the user interface (kernel panic). Yeah, I support Apple because I paid a lot for one. That, and I'm afraid of the physical beatings I'll receive from Mac users.
The smallest things annoy me though. Apple is supposed to be the pioneer in creating good user interfaces. I tried to print something in landscape mode the other day. Page setup, right?
<img alt="Mac OSX's Page setup window" src="" width="444" height="330" />
It took me close to forever to realise that the middle icon (circled) meant landscape. In my world, the paper rotates, not the content. I don't print landscape because I want to read English vertically like ancient Chinese texts. I print landscape because I want the paper to accomodate my content.
Show us your legendary response speed Apple. I'm guessing this will be solved only next year, when you decide to charge us another hundred or so for 10.4.

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