Working in a Christian organisation is vastly different from working anywhere else. In a normal corporation there are so many more variations to the way you can play your cards. You could be the tyrant or the dragon lady, play it sneaky or nice. There's so much to watch out for. Is that a knife handle sticking out of my back?
One of the things that struck me most these few days of working was that though the people weren't perfect, they openly admitted to the fact. I saw a heated argument dissipate because one party stopped arguing for a moment, then apologised to the other. At that time I was convinced that God's love had done some amazing work in the lives of some of the people working here.
It is not all easy peasy though. In a normal corporation everything was strictly business. The company existed to make profits and line the pockets of its shareholders. In a Christian organisation, the company is accountable to God and man. The line between business and ministry is vague. On one hand, profits are needed to keep the operation afloat. On the other hand, the making of profit isn't our one and only goal.
I found good companionship in Audrey, my sister-in-law who works for a Christian music education company in Los Angeles and Minli, who just started work for another Christian organisation in Singapore. We all face conflicts between spiritual principles and business practices.
How does one be in the world but of of the world?

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