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<a href="">Dan Cederholm</a> posts another quiz, this time on <a href="">nested lists</a>.
I've been following his "simple" quizzes since it began, and found it to be exceedingly useful, both in terms of problem solving as well as piquing the thought process on the right way of doing things and the less-right way.
His quiz hit home this time. I'm working on a site (which by the way uses his navigation bar via <a href="">the Listomatic</a>) and came to a point where <code>hns</code> and unordered lists collide.
In practice, <code>h2</code> is a subset of <code>h1</code>, which would make it a list item under the <code>h1</code> right?
The lines begin to blur. We have <a href="">Tantek</a> to thank for this mess. He and his "<a href="">everything is a list</a> theory (only using heading elements for typographic hierachy) has me all muddled and tied up in knots.
My situation is this: Opening hours come under stuff about the company. Not only do I want the heading "Opening Hours" hierachically placed under "About the Company", I want the whole chunk of text that tells you exactly when we're open to come under it as well. A paragraph tag under a heading element does not inherit its place in the hierachy right?
Someone call Tantek to sort out my life, please.

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