My Wonder Woman

It was a nice long weekend for most of us. Faith and I took the opportunity to head out to Pulau Ubin on Good Friday. I was anxious to give the new camera some visual food to feast on.
The nearby island doesn't seem as backward as I remember it to be. The last time I went there I saw 12 year olds riding motorcycles with an 8 year old brother sitting behind. No such luck this time. It has become a tourist hangout. Some old houses are now used as cafés for the thirsty sightseers while others rent out bicycles.
We came to ride. The last time we came Faith and I rode a tandem bicycle together. Back then we were the only ones who made it up a very steep hill without getting off and pushing the bike. I just wanted to see if we still maintained that quality within us.
Faith felt confident enough to ride separate bikes this time. While I love her adventurous spirit, I missed having her sitting right behind me.
We came to some very steep uphills. As I was leading the way I stopped to see if she needed help pushing her bike up. Instead of getting off, she zoomed past me, putting her mind into the climb.
I watched in wonder, so very proud of being the husband of such an amazing woman. She took on the challenge and didn't back down.
So you see, love isn't always about staying exactly the same as we used to be. It's about developing together and continually being amazed.

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