When I first saw the <a href="">newly redesigned</a> <a href="">Blogger</a>, I could have sworn I saw <a href="">Douglas Bowman</a>'s spectre. It had the same feel as Bowman's <a href=""></a> redesign. The soft brown shades. The dark blue top is patented <a href="">Stopdesign</a> blue.
The new rounded corners and generally friendlier atmosphere is a true amalgamation of <a href="">Google</a>, which acquired <a href="">Blogger</a> not all that long ago. <a href="">Ev</a> has a slightly edgier feel, sort of like alternative music. But Blogger, now with Google's considerable muscle behind it, is nothing alternative.
I've <a href="" title="article on MovableType Pro vs EE vs WordPress">written about</a> how blogging-tools-turned-CMS like <a href="">pMachine's Expression Engine</a>, <a href="">WordPress</a> and <a href="">MovableType</a> have a fierce head-to-head battle lined up ahead.
Blogger doesn't yet compete on features, but is aimed at the beginner to intermediate blogger. If you remember how Google began, and the vast functionality it is offering as a search engine now, it is almost safe to assume that Blogger will work its way to the masses before adding more features to attract the small trendsetting elite.
Heck, template designs by <a href="">Dan Cederholm</a>, <a href="">Todd Dominey</a>, <a href="">Dave Shea</a> and <a href="">The Zeldman</a> made me to dig into my old paid Blogger account.
Update: <a href="">Matt</a>, being the hawkeye that he is, reminds me that <a href="">Dave Shea</a> redesigned <a href="">Mozilla</a>, not <a href="">Doug Bowman</a>. I must still be living in bizarro world where <a href="">Dave is Doug</a> and <a href="">Doug is Dave</a>.

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