MovableType Moved Away

I don't think it would be a stretch to say that I've been around the block as far as blogging is concerned. I started off hand-coding my pages (which looks <a href="">like crap</a>), moved to <a href="">Blogger</a> and bought the t-shirt. Then I paid for Blogger Pro because I thought having a place to put a title was cool. <a href="">Greymatter</a> appeared and I tried it for a while, then moved to <a href="">MT</a> because I could create multiple blogs on a single installation. I've been toying around with <a href="">WordPress</a> and <a href="">Textpattern</a>. Sub-categories. Yummy stuff.
Now with <a href="">SixApart's announcement of MT3</a> and <a href="">Mena's reassurance that they're still committed to making MT free while getting their pricing right</a> I think I'm not the only feeling royally screwed.
The free version only allows <strong>one author and three blogs</strong>. When I was using Blogger, I used multiple logins to create multiple blogs, and then server-side-includes to pull them all into one page. Don't think I can possibly live with the three-blog limitation.
You can't give something away and then take it back. If they offered something more substantial than the free version of MovableType, I may feel compelled to buy it.
I have always outgrown my software. It feels this time like my software has outgrown me.

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