No More Mr. Nice Guy

Seems like <a href="">AL was googling for "nice guys finish last"</a> when she bumped upon this <a href="" title="Ode to the nice guys">gem of an article</a> that raises the toast to the nice guys who well, finish last.
Reading the article brings back memories. I had an American roommate who was so wary of getting into the "friend zone" with girls, because it meant blowing all chances of "scoring". Here in Singapore, things are a little different. Being in the friend zone is often a prerequisite to eventual matrimony.
Back to the article. I think I've pretty much lived my adult life as that stereotypical nice guy. Being the older brother of two sisters, built into my nature is a need to watch over, care for and protect the womenfolk around me. Truth be told, my marriage to Faith was an extension of that. I wanted to be her nice guy for the rest of our lives.
I still care for the people I used to care for, and the many new ones that come along. But I no longer care for them alone. Faith cares with me. Because two are better than one.

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