Poor Man's Photo

In my opinion, it is harder to be a good amateur photographer than it is to be a mediocre professional photographer.
The pros have budgets to take them places, budgets to buy them backdrops or lighting equipment to get the photograph they desire. They have the time to execute out their ideas because it is their job.
Most of my photos ever since I started work revolve around the journeys I take to and from work. It doesn't help that work-life in Singapore has us running like cheetahs on steriods. I'm thankful that I get to go home before it gets dark, even though I choose not to a lot of the time.
I wish I had the time to just drive out to the open spaces to enjoy a sunset. Problem is we have no open spaces, and I don't have a car.
Need a portrait with your loved one? One of your growing kid? Your dog? Got a great view of the sunset from your place? Want to bring me to Italy?
Tell me. I've got an extremely twitchy shutter-finger. I need to take some photographs.

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