Too Far Away

I miss you so much. So much I just want to hide a corner and cry my eyes out.
There's no point crying over spilt milk, they say. But how will I ever know if the milk meant anything to me if I don't cry? Do I simply take a deep breath and suck it in? I could do that; and I can't.
I can't because I love you too much. I see online pictures of your baby, read about how you made new friends in Pittsburg, or the new PDA you bought. The Internet does wonders in bringing people so many miles away close together, yet it only serves to highlight the fact that we are so very far away.
I wish I could have been there. Visited you in California, played basketball with you in Arizona, comforted you in Chicago, accompanied your meet-the-parents session in Japan.
There is a small spark of anger in me at the fact that I'm sitting in my grey cubicle working on something vaguely meaningful while you're growing up.
I fell in love with you, Arizona. But you're moving all over the world.
That really breaks my heart, you know?

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