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This site is hosted under <a href="">Verve Hosting</a>. I have no regrets and <a href="" title="William Hung's fan page">no professional training</a>, and I'd sign with them again in a heartbeat.
An email I received from them today:
<blockquote><p>The company (Pegasus/Dedicated Now) that the ontario server is leased from is rumored to be moving to a new datacenter this weekend. This rumored move will result in 6 – 12 hours of downtime. Supposedly Pegasus planned to give their customers less than 48 hours notice of this impending move. After this news was leaked, followed by an uproar from their customers, Pegasus will neither confirm or deny the planned move this weekend which was supposed to start at 12 a.m. Saturday morning.</p>
<p>While I can't believe that such a major provider would pull a stunt like this I need to prepare you for the possibility. There is space available on our newer servers if you would prefer that your site be moved. If you can't tolerate 6 – 12 hours of downtime this Saturday, simply respond to this message requesting that your site be moved and be sure to include your domain name.</p>
<p>Christine<br />
Verve Hosting</p></blockquote>
Contrast that to Singapore's own 8toinifnity (which I will not bother to link).
When I couldn't get the answer I needed from them they emailed with the "we can help you but we'll have to charge you for it" (on two separate occasions). I can't even describe how royally pissed-off that made me.
Their reply?
<blockquote>Friend dun sound like that lah, I created for u the link for info</blockquote>
I almost fainted. I honestly didn't know to laugh or to cry. It felt like I was communicating to a bunch of teenage girls. No top of that, it came across as if providing the information was some sort of favour they were doing for me.
MT on SQL still doesn't work. Any 8to MT users out there using SQL?

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