And Adam Ate The Whole Tree

This is my new invented tagline: Mistakes are engineered by women, but brought to full throttle by men.
Ralph and Ai bought a funky new hair shaver. The high-end kind that doesn't look like it came from the 70's. It's not even black, mind you. It's metallic in colour, made of some new age plastic. The head of the shaver swivels to accomodate the shape of the shavee's head. Even comes with a CD-ROM that contains video instructions, for both PC and Mac.
We borrowed it.
Faith got home earlier, so she read up on the manual. After dinner we began cutting my hair. Finally. I hate it when my hair gets long. It irritates me.
She ran it through my hair. What a wimp, taking off millimeters at a time. I grabbed it from her and just dug down deep. I needed the crew cut I was used to. I felt like I had to liberate my head. Lots of gusto, as you can probably imagine.
Somewhere halfway through the haircut, I took a look at the shaver. Common-sense kicks in a little late. "I think we used it upside-down". She denies it. Common-sense triumphs. We have been using it upside-down.
A quick look in the mirror revealed giant now-bald patches, like crop-circles without the intricacies. I had sheared off both sides of my head. We had a good laugh. The permanence of our stupidity hasn't hit us.
I left for work this morning looking like a devout buddhist who changed his mind about monkhood the very last minute. I had my camera (and its huge telephoto lens) under my arm.
This way I had the option of hiding behind a very large camera.

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