This is to the unnamed person who took time to comment that this blog is set up to explain why I am the failure he or she thinks I am. Comments are <a href="">here</a>, <a href="">here</a>, and <a href="">here</a>. All unedited, and all under the same blog entry. So you can just go to one and scroll on down.
I didn't think that the comments warranted any response. My initial reaction was that this was a cheap method of sniping, thanks to the anonymity the web medium affords. But Faith, whose patience far exceeds that of mine, persuaded me to look at it more objectively and post a reply in love.If I were to rename this blog to what the anonymous person suggested, I would need a definition as to what exactly constitutes having "made it". How does one "make it" in the world? CEO of a large corporation? Pop superstar? President? Smart as Einstein?
In all honesty, I wanted, and often still want, to "make it". Maybe you're right in saying I have no ability to, but it is not just a matter of ability; it is one of attitude.
Accepting Jesus as the Lord means coming under His rule and laying down one's life. Submission is still an issue which I struggle with. I blog about it because I believe that I am not alone in this. I blog it for posterity, so that when the young people I care about grow up, they can relate to these struggles.
I know Jesus Christ to be true. I hope that you will too.
Thanks for reading, by the way.

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