Let It Be Me

Infamous words in The Exorcist, if I remember my indiscriminate childhood telly watching.
Ever since I was a kid I always hated watching someone else suffer, or even inconvenienced. I couldn't stand it when my older sister (nanny's daughter) had to make her own way home after she stayed over for the weekend. I felt bad for not being on the journey with her. I felt bad that I would be in the comfort of my room while her comfort wouldn't be for some time. I'd much rather be the one suffering, so to speak.
Had a short chat with Min over ICQ a moment ago. She's working two jobs and coming home to and empty house. She's staying put in Arizona while everyone else is headed home for the holidays. I know that she doesn't even think it, but I feel so bad for not being there with her over this period. I know that it was good that she had space to grow, but we'd have had such a kick-ass time over summer if we were together. Somehow in the scenario, Faith is there as well.
I miss my college life. I miss USA. I miss my sister.
It wasn't too long ago when I wrote about <a href="">how my being happy made me sad</a>. I read today that my wedding was <a href=">DW's lowpoint</a>. I know he doesn't mean for it to be, but I feel bad about it.
I know that there are things I can do and things I cannot help. My futility rings like silence in a very lonely room.

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