Nice Guys Finish Dead Last

I'm the <a href="">lucky bastard</a> that spurred the two-person debate. I feel like the junior (year 3) who got invited to the senior (year 4) prom: hated by my own contemporaries because I'm <strike>prettier</strike> fortunate. I don't know if this will sound like a "don't hate me because I'm beautiful" kind of post, but I don't mean for it to be.
We live in a world of comparison. As children we compare grades in school and the amount of pocket money we receive. No different when we grow older. Promotions, salaries, gadgets. Nations compare GDP / capita and standards of living.
But it really sucks when you compare entire lives. Because this involves your entire being. Everything you are and everything you live for. If you lose this comparison there's pretty much no reason for your existence.
So we carve niches. Create enough competitions so that hopefully everyone goes home a winner. I'm more musical than him, he's better at computers than her, she's a better writer than him, he's a better people person than me.
Reality check: it doesn't always line up this way. Some of us actually lose all our marbles.In the <a href="">two party debate</a>, <a href="">Reminisce</a> looks upon me, the lucky bastard, and smiles. Somehow my life story gives him hope. <a href="">DW</a> sees me as the recipient of a disparity of fortunes.
Thinking about this disparity is not "languishing in self-pity". Believing it exists is. Getting the shorter end of the stick implies that someone actually hands out the stick, and at this juncture I assume God is pulled into the picture. If God gave out shorter sticks to some and longer (longer is better, like the spammers want you to believe) sticks to others, it would be safe to say that He is an unfair God.
If I say that this isn't true, my opinion is discounted because I am one of the few "lucky bastards" who benefited from the unfair God. I would just be protecting His racist, chauvinistic white ass because it is in my best interest.
This sucks.

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