Six in the City

<p>You're receiving this message because you recently purchased a Movable Type Commercial License for 5 authors and 5 weblogs.</p>
<p>Since the launch of Movable Type 3.0 developer's edition we have been listening to feedback from many of our users. We have heard requests for simpler and more flexible licenses and later today we will be updating our website to reflect changes that we believe answer most of these requests. Because you were an early adopter of Movable Type 3.0, we wanted you to be one of the first to know about these changes and how they will affect you as a customer.</p>
<p>We have removed the weblog limitations for all of our commercial licenses and now offer a simpler user license model. Your license has been automatically upgraded and you can now use it for an unlimited number of weblogs.</p>
<p>In addition to removing weblog limits and moving to a user license model, we now offer five online license options for single server installations:</p>
<p> – 5 Users: $199.95
– 10 Users: $349.95
– 20 Users: $599.95
– 35 Users: $999.95
– 50 Users: $1,299.95</p>
<p>If any of the new licenses fit your needs better we would be happy to credit you the full amount you paid for your 5 seat license to a larger license. Just open a help ticket telling us the change you want to make and we will contact you with information on making the change.</p>
<p>If you wish to install Movable Type on multiple servers or need a license for more than 50 users, we can customize a license to fit your needs.</p>
<p>We've also revised the personal licenses and have made many of our educational and not-for-profit licensing publicly viewable. Once the site goes live later today you will be able to see these changes for yourself.</p>
<p>Once again, thanks so much for supporting Six Apart and for your continued use of Movable Type. We have some great stuff in store for the future of the product and it is customers like you who actually make it possible for development to continue.</p>
<p>Thanks!<br />
Mena Trott</p></blockquote>
<a href="">6A</a> listens. They may not be open source folks, but I'm proud of how they handled this.

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