Taking Leave Of

As a teacher, Faith only has part of the school holidays to enjoy herself. A large part of the holidays is spent back in school at meetings and seminars.
I took the day off today to just chill out with the girl of my dreams. Of course I made it a point not to let her know that I did. She woke up early, ready to follow me to the office (it was my way of making sure we didn't spend the morning lazing about) and we ate the breakfast I whipped up. A humble sandwich with a tomato-egg omelete.
We watched <a href="">Around the World in Eighty Days</a>, an enjoyable, but forgetable film. The typography used in the film was interesting though. We then went to <a href="">Kinokuniya</a> and bought some books. Faith brought some coupons with her. I blew $120 nevertheless.
After dinner with Faith's mom, I decided to hit the basketball courts for some exercise. Note to self: never exercise after eating 5 durian puffs. I was burping durian continuously throughout the game.
I missed Faith. I pushed myself and ran when everyone ran. I went through the motions, but I was like a little boy who had gotten himself lost in shopping mall. Deep inside I knew I should have spent the night lying on the couch with my head propped up on her lap.
This is ridiculous. Now she's out of the bathroom and I'm wasting time typing about how I should be out there.

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