Thanks for the emails and comments showing concern. I'm ok. I really am.
Hmmm…the "really am" makes me sound like I'm in denial, but it's the truth. The third-person writing isn't indicative of a mental or spiritual breakdown or anything like that. <a href="">Reminisce</a> gets away with it fine. So does <a href="">Zeldman</a>.
It's nice to know that you care.
Anyway, <a href=""></a> is what I've been working on, and is mostly complete. Yesterday I proposed the idea of putting an honest blog on its homepage to my directors. They seemed to like the idea. So watch for it.
For the usability junkies out there, I added a skip navigation link for screen readers. I know that the <code>display:hidden</code> or <code>display:none</code> doesn't work particularly well, so I set a <code>font-size:0px</code>. Any idea if that's any good?

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