Fairy Tails

So Cinderella married Prince Charming and they lived happily ever after.
Twenty minutes into her marriage, she got miffed that P.C. seemed more interested doing Matrix moves in <a href="">Max Payne</a>. Bullet time took on a whole new meaning when he fired up <a href="">World of Warcraft</a> after Max Payne.
She wasn't about to go back to stepsister lifestyle. She hadn't come so far to be ignored and left to do the housework. She wanted P.C. to give her a pedicure and then follow her to shoe-shop at <a href="">Takashimaya Shopping Center</a>.
P.C. had no clue. He thought he had proven his worth in the shoe-shopping department when he brought Cinderella's glass slipper all around his kingdom. He thought that he was now upgraded to bachelorlife+. He didn't know that:
Relationships, like women's shoe-shopping habits, require continuous work. There is no one shoe that satisfies every shoe craving. You think Frodo's life was the bomb after he destroyed the One Ring? He still had to fight off amorous Gamgee, although Peter Jackson tried hard portray Sam as the faithful married hobbit.
Fairy tales end. You need to work hard to chain-link them like a fireball-uppercut combo.

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