What's Your Beef, Kobe?

<a href="">Michael Jordan</a> would give his left eyeball for the power <a href="">Kobe Bryant</a> seems to wield.
Even at his prime, Jordan played within the game; within the coach's scheme of things, even when he didn't feel like it. Kobe, on the other hand, was able to force the Lakers to look into hiring the coach he wanted, indirectly forced both Hall of Famers coach Phil Jackson and star center Shaq out of the team. Now a free agent, he doesn't go to tryouts; he gets team owners to come to his house.
I would have kept my cool until I read that he suggested to the LA Clippers, who want to sign him on, that they should <a href="">play 10 to 12 NBA games a year at a venue closer to his house</a>. The amazing thing is that the Clippers are actually considering it.
How much clout does this idiot have?

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