Grown Up

Min technically graduated yesterday, having served her jail term as an intern with two companies, working two jobs daily.
The feeling hasn't gone away, despite it being more than a year removed. I still feel like I should be there in Tucson whenever I talk to her online or look at her stuff lying around my parents' place.
We unpacked stuff she sent over yesterday. Just the physical realisation that these were things she handled so many miles away and so many days ago struck me. We truly were very, very far apart. Even the crumpling of plastic bags from Tucson sounded familiar of another life I once knew.
My little sister's all grown up.
On the home front, my littler sister is hurtling towards adulthood at the speed of light. She's watching The O.C. on TV, reminiscent of 90210 and Melrose Place which were the prevalent television trash of our time. She no longer wraps her fingers around my pinkie when we cross the road. Heck, she'd scream her lungs out if I held her hand.
I've always had the fortune of being surrounded by beautiful women. It's truly something when you watch them grow up.

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