In Surmount Able

I've been thinking "redesign" for some time now. Not too long ago, I used to jump into it, working things on the fly. Now older, wiser (and tireder), I let ideas settle and take root before putting my hand on the plough.
I was at an acapella concert two days ago and learnt something about design. When you ask your audience to clap along, don't change the tempo on them later in the song. The guys that kept clapping gave you the most support; it's not right to let them down later.
This in mind, I know that there are some of you out there who still use my older stylesheets. I also know that you're probably the ones who've been reading my rather unexciting life for quite some time now, and that it would be wrong not to cater to you just because I felt like some change was good for me.
<em>What's good for me may not be what's good for you. But what's good for you is good for me.</em> That is, if you like it here, you'll stay. And you staying is a good thing because <strike>I'm going to put Google textads all over the place</strike> I really hate to lose friends, however ethereal the nature of the relationship.
So I will be continuing my support of my previous stylesheets, right up from my first CSS layout, <strong>as much as I can</strong>.
If you have any good ideas or points of inspiration for a new design, drop me an email or leave a comment.

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