Shall Not Live By Brad Alone

Mena wrote not too long ago that if she had a chance to go back in the past and choose differently, she would have spent more for help and worked less (can't seem to find the particular post). That was all I needed to know that I would be staying with <a href="">Six Apart</a>. Though we geeks have the tendency to be biased towards open-source software, I knew that my familiarisation with <a href="">MovableType</a> meant that I had in my hands a pretty robust CMS to start work on. And now that Ben and Mena weren't "doing it all", MT would be headed upwards.
Just when you thought the boatload of talent had all disembarked unto Six Apart, <a href="">Brad Choate steps on its shores</a>. I'm sure there are a whole lot of us who have named a directory after him in the dark shadows of our cgi-bins.
My prediction for 6A's next hiring: <a href="">Jay Allen's G5</a> will come with an invitation to join 6A.

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