I fell in love with a surfer-girl over the weekend. Long brown hair tied in a ponytail; loose strands that were tossed by the ocean's salty breeze and kissed by the sun when they flailed upward. She came across as exciting and dangerous, and was an absolute adventure to be with.
I married a schoolteacher. Faith isn't the most adrenaline-inducing girl; not the kind who'd throw caution to the wind. I tried to get her to surf on the first day, but after two tumbles she decided to pass on it.
She must have been taking some of the ecstasy those touts were trying to sell us, because on day two she was riding the waves like a speed junkie. It was exhilarating seeing her little head of brown hair swvoosh away, barely visible above the wave she was riding.
She never ceases to amaze me.

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