Children Dying

Remember what I said about my new pets being my <a href="">training ground for parenting</a>? And where I said the fish were the first step and the hamster being the next step, progressively getting harder?
I take that back. Fish are very enigmatic.
We used to have eleven neon tetras, along with other fish in the tank. Yesterday we saw one swimming weird. Today he seemed miraculously healed. Or rather, there wasn't any weird-swimming fish to be found in our tank. A quick demonstration of basic arithmetic concluded that we now had <strong>seven</strong> neon tetras. There were no remains and no floating fish, but we had somehow managed to lose four of them.
In the other tank that held two redeye (no scientific names at the local petstore), only one was left. Again, absolutely no sign of the other having ever existed.
We are baffled. Much as I would like this to be my foray into being an illustionist, the last thing I need is a missing baby.
The hunt for red eye (and neon tetras) continue.

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