Coming Ins and Going Outs

Quite a bit has come and gone, and I have not had the time to blog about it.
Faith's parents stayed over the whole of last week due to the renovations that are going on in their house. It was nice coming home from work to a family setting. When they left a few days ago, it occurred to me that the house was awfully quiet. It still is. That would probably change once the kid comes along.
Having had a long courtship and more than enough time to talk about what to call our children, we thought we had it all nailed down. If we had a girl, she would be named Anne after Anne Bronté, whose works I once loved so much. If it were a boy Iwe would name him Keith, after Keith Green, whose music has truly pierced both our hearts.
Now I'm not so sure. Anne's still standing strong up in the ratings, but Min has some apprehensions about Keith, due to some unplesasant experiences with one. Oh well, we have six months more to make a decision. Please, no comments asking us to name our kid after you.

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