A Million Facets

Over the course of Tribolum's existence, I've been asked numerous times about love, and how it makes the world go round. What should one do to keep the flame burning brightly? Should I go on loving when she doesn't like me?
There are times when I see couples interacting and I get the gut feel that something's not quite right. Or sometimes I wonder how couples will be able to address some large differences they have and seemed to ignore before they got married. Even though I don't consciously believe it, I have enthroned myself as a relationship expert.
And then there are times when I feel utterly humbled. When I see couples so different individually expressing love for one another. Somehow, somewhere, the great divide is melted away, and for the moment the twain hold nothing in their hearts but the love God gave them for each other.
It is amazing to know that love comes in so many forms. That my relationship is unique and one-of-a-kind, as will yours. Tonight I lay for a moment, watching Faith sleep, thanking God that I am married to the most wonderful girl in the world.

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