Faith has been feeling rather down in the dumps the last two days with a slight fever. She has been sleeping a lot. And I mean really a lot. Probably close to 15 hours a day. But I know that she needs all the rest she can get. Having to grow a baby inside one's womb is akin to having to grow a muscle that size in that amount of time, or at least that's what I tell myself. Just thinking of how hard and tiring that is is enough to make me very thankful for having her as my wife.
It wasn't until this afternoon when I realised how tired I was. Even though I don't go down to the office anymore, projects have been coming in at a nice clip. Today, after a barrage of highly-involved activity in church, I felt like a headless chicken running all over the place and going nowhere.
I feel like that whenever I stop writing. Writing here clears my mind and calms my senses. Or maybe it's due to the fact that I'm sitting here in the quiet of night and the missus is sleeping. I have time to stop being the husband, or the youth leader, or the web usability consultant that I am in the day. At night I'm just plain old me.
And I write the words that lie on my heart.

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