I've been extremely busy these past few days, finishing up some sites and doing a little web consulting. I'm still nowhere closer to a redesign of this site, though I've been planning one for the longest time. I think <a href="">Van Tan</a> and I are vying for the record of longest unkept redesign promise.
On Thursday Faith and I went to get an ultrasound of the baby. I can't even describe the entire gamut of emotions that passed through me as I sat there watching a flickering monitor.
There are so many questions. Questions about the baby's health abound. Even though I know that God gives us the best, regardless of whether it is what we want, one word from the doctor could change our life as we know it. Or as we envisioned it. I need more faith.
Here's the photo.
<img alt="baby_scan.jpg" src="" width="400" height="264" />
Those are some really long (and skinny) legs.

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