To the Young

Dear Youths,
we shared our favourite songs last Sunday. I spent quite the better part of the night listening to them, startled at the similiarities in our Christian walks. When I was much younger I made a vow never to look down on young people, even children. Somewhere along the way I became an adult, complete with adult faults. While listening to the songs you chose, the songs you liked, it was clear that we're in this together. We all struggle with our human natures, and God's constant working of His image in our lives.
I played basketball this evening with Chris Rice's Untitled Hymn in my head. Even though it was such a simple song, it really touched me. "Come to Jesus and live". We often cling on to the vestiges of death we are supposed to leave behind. It was such a fitting reminder in an uncertain time in my life.
Come to Jesus and live.

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